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Advisory Board Bio

Dr. Janice Siegford
Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Programs and Research
Michigan State University
Department of Animal Science
Dr. Janice Siegford, MS, PhD, is a Professor in the Animal Behavior and Welfare Group in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. Her education combines training in animal welfare (postdoc), neuroscience (PhD), and zoology (MS) with science communication (BS), which allows her to approach questions related to understanding well-being of poultry and livestock from a variety of perspectives and to convey this information to students and stakeholders. Dr. Siegford’s research examines the impact of management practices and housing environments on the behavior of welfare of production animals, with an emphasis on laying hens and swine. Dr. Siegford also works with colleagues in engineering and computer science to develop and validate non-invasive, automated methods for collecting behavior and welfare data from individual animals in their home environments.