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Advisory Board Bio

Jeremy Schmutz
Jeremy Schmutz
Faculty Investigator.
Jeremy Schmutz leads the computational analysis for the Genome Sequencing Center at HudsonAlpha and direct the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute Plant Science Program. I have been sequencing, assembling, and analyzing genomes for 24 years and have contributed to the Human Genome Project and hundreds of eukaryotic genome sequences across the tree of life. My team’s current work is focused on integrating resequencing data and expression data with pan-genomic representations of plant genomes constructed from multiple high-quality reference genomes. For plants, our expertise includes comparative genomics, expression, phenotype to genotype, natural and crop diversity and evolutionary plant population analysis. In addition to my group at HudsonAlpha, which also includes our genome sequencing component, we have been expanding our plant science focus. Our plant center now includes the components of targeted modification and transgenics, genomic assisted breeding, and an education and training for plant genomics.